The Goal is Set… Now What?

What’s my first task? Now that I’ve set the goal in place, what’s next?

Well, write, of course. More specifically, write something that is meant to be published. Novels are the eventual goal – but I need a starting point, one that’s more immediately attainable. I’d like to attempt getting some shorter stories published.

A friend of mine, also a writer, introduced me to an online publisher of gay romance – Dreamspinner Press. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. They have regular anthologies and collections of short stories that they’re always accepting submissions for. They have one of their Advent Calendar collections coming out on December 1st, and the submission deadline for these stories is September 1st. I want to make that.

Dreamspinner Press publishes only gay (male) romance, anywhere from sweet and romantic to straight up erotica – which is where most of my stories fall anyway. They put out a lot of short stories and novellas, which are distributed digitally only, and they also publish full length novels, which are distributed both digitally and in paperback form.

That’s the first task: Complete and submit my short story for Dreamspinner Press’ Holiday Advent Calendar – due September 1st.

Wish me luck.



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