Doing NaNo the Right Way

This past week I’ve been devouring as much information as possible on how to properly prepare for NaNoWriMo so that the end product is something worthwhile. I’m not going into this blind – I’m researching story structure and milestones, those important elements that you need to have planned out before you can start writing a story of the novel caliber. Much of my information is coming from here:

If you’ve ever had trouble with story structure, plot points, antagonistic force, etc., go here. It’s helped me out a great deal. The blog has a series of NaNo tips as well that the author started on October 1st – a daily dose of motivation up until the start of November.

I didn’t take the NaNo challenge just to see if I could pump out 50k words in 30 days. I took the challenge so that I would be pressured to write something that will become my first published novel. I don’t just want to come out of this as a NaNo winner with a document that I can’t work with. I want to make it to the end with a well thought out story that I can edit and submit.

About a year ago, I set the goal of writing and completing my first novel before my birthday this year, at the end of December. October came around, and I grudgingly revised my goal to next year, chalking it up to procrastination and laziness. But then NaNo talk started bubbling up and I realized that I have this one last chance to meet that original goal and get this thing written before the end of the year. I had to take up the challenge.

To anyone who has decided to jump into the NaNoWriMo challenge, good luck! I wish you the best. Don’t go into this blind – planning is the key to succeeding. This is your opportunity to write the hell out of that story that has been haunting you day in and day out.



Your feedback is welcome!

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