Nano is right around the corner!

I thought I’d drop in for an update before the 1st of November, as once NaNoWriMo begins it’s not likely I’ll be able to post very often. I’m trying to get everything taken care of before November – including all of my prep work for my novel – so that I can put all of my focus into that story.

Preparing ahead of time, by the way, is highly recommended for anyone who will be writing for NaNo. I’ve never planned an entire novel before from start to finish, and I have to say that seeing it all laid out in chronological order is doing wonders for my confidence. I’m still working on my outline – I’ll have each scene planned out in steps and ready to go. I know what’s going to happen from start to finish, and I’ll know ahead of time that the story makes sense. All the kinks are being worked out now, before I’ve even started the actual writing process. Writing on the fly has its benefits (outside of the NaNo challenge), don’t get me wrong – I’ve used it as a sort of brainstorm to come up with bigger story ideas, and I’ve gotten a few short stories that way that I’m particularly proud of – but it’s nothing compared to the sense of readiness that I feel right now because I spent October planning and creating my outline. I’m going to nail this, and my first published novel will be the end product.

I’ve fallen in love with the story and I can’t wait to tell it. That must mean I’m doing something right, eh? :)



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