Writing Goals for the New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. :)  This year, instead of sitting back and seeing what the new year will bring, I’ll be taking matters into my own hands. My new year’s resolution is productivity. Namely, finish Artful Agony and start the search for an agent. I’ll try to make as many short story submissions as I can, but the main project remains Davin’s story. It is my goal to have the novel completed and start submitting early this year. I’m nervous about this next part… but I’m setting my goal for the end of March.

I cannot count the number of incarnations this story has gone through, and Davin has patiently endured them all. This first novel has been quite the learning process – finding my own voice, helping Dav find his voice, and figuring out where I fit into the genre scene have been a few of my biggest obstacles. Even during Nano, I had plot crisis after plot crisis. Had to just plow through and wait for that inner light bulb to switch on. It always does, in time… but I swear it likes to tease me sometimes, flickering and getting my hopes up, only to darken once more. I’m proud to say though that now I think I’ve got it figured out. :)

Thanks to Stephenie Meyer and Sloan Parker, I’ve been pulled in the direction of “romantic suspense.” I found that Sloan Parker’s Breathe had won several different awards in the 2011 Rainbow Awards, and I was specifically interested in the “best character development” category. Bought the book, downloaded it to my Kindle, and devoured the thing in less than 24 hours. The woman is fantastic. Even now, weeks after I’ve finished the book, her characters and their story still haunt me. This book will forever be lodged in my brain as one of my motivators, and I fully plan to revisit it. It’s gritty, raw, gut wrenching, and incredibly beautiful – a story of improbable love that flourishes despite all odds being stacked against it. Yes, I’m advertising. Giving a shout out to Sloan Parker – if you’re a reader of male/male romance, read Breathe.


So yes. Romantic suspense. I’m also a fairly new Twilight fan, right smack in the middle of New Moon. Since reading these types of books – romance with a suspenseful plot – I’ve been jonesing to rework the main aspect of my own story, trying my hand at suspense as well. Finally, the light bulb came on. And stayed on. Once I got started with this new frame of mind, my story has been thoroughly exciting. I’m in suspense just writing the thing. My poor Davin! The things we must do to our characters.

If you’re interested in keeping up with this novel in progress, click here. There’s a brief description, and I’ll do my best to update my progress at least once a week.

It can be tough to keep things rolling during the holidays, and I’ve done fairly well with writing most days in December. One more month of craziness while we finish up planning for our wedding at the end of January, then February and March are mine. Or Davin’s, rather.

Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “Writing Goals for the New Year

  1. Good luck with all your writing goals this year!

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