Yay, Scrivener! Yay, Fantasy!

I have a new toy! =)

I haven’t posted to my blog in almost three weeks because I’ve discovered the awesome goodness that is Scrivener. Scrivener is a program for your computer that helps disorganized writers get it together. It’s very inexpensive, and well worth it for writers like me… I’ve got notes written on anything from napkins to my forearm, piles of notebooks and index cards taking over my bedroom, and way too many files and folders spread out on two different computers and a USB key. Organization is not my strong suit. Scrivener is my best friend. And they’re offering a 50% discount on their software for those who won the November 2011 Nano challenge. Can’t go wrong! For more details on the program, click here.

Besides blissfully loosing myself in Scrivener fun, I’m doing some pretty heavy-duty research and world building for my fantasy novel. Why did I ever decide to put off writing fantasy in favor of romance? I’ll never know. This is where it’s at for me. My geeky heart thrives on drawing maps and creating races and magic systems. I get to create the whole world. I’m in heaven.

I’m giving myself plenty of time for the world building process. Can’t half-ass it at this point – this is the world that I’ll be using for many stories to come. It needs to be complete, and it needs to be done right. After that comes character creation, which for me takes a lot of time. Characters are my absolute favorite thing about writing, so I get caught up in their backgrounds and descriptions. I’ll count that as a blessing =)

I’ll start compiling a list of the websites I’ve been using for world building and get it posted up into the blog, so if you’re interested keep an eye out for that.

~ Have you created a new world for any of your novels or stories? I’d love to hear about the process – How did you go about it? What was the best/worst part? Post below! ~



2 thoughts on “Yay, Scrivener! Yay, Fantasy!

  1. I love that program! A writers dream! I’m currently compiling research information too…it’s kind of nice knowing that as I revise I will have easy access to everything instead of wondering what random notebook I wrote the information I needed it in.

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