5 Things That Keep Me From Blogging

Over a month since my last post! Terrible :)  I’ve lost my momentum. Looks like it’s time to rediscover my blogging groove!

Today, I bring you:

5 Things That Keep Me From Blogging

1. My novel. Although my poor blog has been suffering, I am happy to note that my writing in general has been steadily moving forward. Not fast, mind you, but there is definite progress. I’ve done as much world building and structure planning as I could possibly muster before I just couldn’t stand it any longer. I finally started to just write the damn thing :)  The first draft is underway, and this time around I’m going to try a half-pantsing, half-planning approach. With the little free time I have, when faced with the choice of blogging or working on the novel, I’ll always choose the novel.

2. My job. My schedule can be tough to work around sometimes. I work from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. By the time I get off work, hang out with my son for a bit, and then get him into bed, my mind is shot. As for blogging before work… I am by no means a morning person. If I try to get up early, I’m a zombie. And zombies don’t write good blog posts. At least, not about writing. All their posts would be about brains and the latest fashion in tattered pants.

3. Lack of topics. I gotta admit, sometimes it’s just hard for me to think of something to post about. I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers, but because I’m so focused on my novel my reading has kinda slacked off. Guess getting my blog groove back means keeping up with my fellow blogger’s posts! :)

4. Self doubt. This one has to go on the list. I’m someone who has been plagued with feelings of inadequacy my whole life. It’s just me. I doubt, I question, I second-guess. “Nah, I can’t post that. It’s stupid. No one will want to read that.” You know, that evil stuff. And speaking of evil…

5. Diablo 3. We all know this is the real reason I neglect my blog. But come on… Diablo’s out there somewhere, terrorizing the world. Someone’s gotta stop him. And that someone is totally me. ⌐■͜  ■

Until tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “5 Things That Keep Me From Blogging

  1. Zen says:

    I can relate to everything except Diablo. I know if I started playing games right now all hope will be lost for me. xD

    • Beka Tinsley says:

      It’s definitely hard to keep it balanced… some days I gotta tear myself away from the games to get some writing done. I’m such a nerd. >.<

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! :)

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