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I’d planned on doing a review post this time, as per Day 3 of rediscovering my blogging groove, but alas… I haven’t had time to put together a proper review. So, I’m going to skip ahead to Day 4 and come back to it.

I’m going to share with you a few interesting links that have helped me along my writing path. Some of them have taught me something, and others have offered me inspiration. I hope that you’ll find them helpful in some way, as I have. Of note, if you’d like to see some awesome sites on world building, you can find some links on my main page in the right hand column – some fun sites there, check ’em out.

Plot to Punctuation, “The Unavoidable Character” ~ This link here is the one that brought me to this site, which is now one of my favorites that I try to keep up with. It discusses author intrusion, and ways to keep it out of your writing. You never want your reader to remember you’ve been there, and this post can help you avoid that.

Character archetypes ~ Author Suzanne Pitner explains some of the more common character archetypes, which are fun to play around with when developing your characters!

Man Up: Writing Male POV ~ Author Roni Loren gives some amazing tips here on writing from a male’s point of view. This has been extremely helpful for me, as many of my main characters are guys. It’s a lot of fun to get inside a man’s head. ;)

Live, Write, Thrive ~ Author C.S. Lakin’s blog. I keep up with this one – her posts are always inspirational, and help me out on those writing days where I do nothing but bitch and moan and drag my feet. Or would that be drag my pen… ? O.o

Speech Accent Archive ~ Now this is cool. I go here a lot when trying to figure out how to describe accents. It is extremely extensive, and extremely helpful to me with my fantasy stories. I can get a feel for how I want certain characters to sound.

That’s all for now. I hope these help you in some way! Have fun, and keep writing. :)



One thought on “Helpful Writing Links

  1. Looks like you’ve discovered a cool collection of sites! Look forward to exploring them further.

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