Update: What a Crazy Couple of Months…


Hey everyone! So good to be back. I can’t believe it’s been nearly three months since my last post. As the title might suggest, I had a bit of a crazy beginning to 2013. Mostly positive, though with some definite attached discomfort. -_-

December was just normal holiday-ness. But we did receive a very special… very surprising!… Christmas gift last year. On December 25th, no less.

We’re going to have another baby :)

I couldn’t be happier. As of this moment I’m at 14 weeks, finally into my second trimester. The last two months though have been rough. I slept for most of the time, too sick to eat anything but mashed potatoes, apples, and those nuclear-orange Keebler peanut butter crackers. I love food, so that was pretty depressing. Lost some weight instead of gaining it. But I’m feeling so much better now, and more than eager to get my writing back on track. And my poor blog needs some attention.

So, I’m working on putting together some goals and a new writing schedule, including posting to the blog once a week to give myself the added structure. I hate being away from writing for so long, and have some new ideas I can’t wait to mess around with.

I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks to all those who visit my blog – until next time!