Paving My Own Road

I’ve never felt more sure of myself and my decisions. Ever. It’s a wonderful feeling, and one I’m going to cling to as if my life depended on it. Because in a way, it does.

And so, since making the decision to forgo traditional publishing in favor of becoming a full-blown Indie Writer, I’ve been spending my last few weeks constructing my plans and goals for the next year. The first important thing I needed to figure out was whether or not I wanted to set up a publishing company name or do everything by my own name. I’ve decided on the publishing company, for a few different reasons. For me personally, having the company rather than just my own name will put me in a more professional mindset – and having failed at treating my writing as my job and my business in the past, I need this badly. I have set up a publishing schedule for most of this next year, starting with a fantasy novel that I have given myself until the end of December to complete. And yes, by “complete” I mean drafted, revised, beta read, and cover complete, with the intent of publishing it in January 2014.

At first, as I was talking about my future publications with my husband, I was referring to my set dates as “tentative,” using the excuse that I needed some time to work out how long each project type was going to take me. But I realized even saying that was detrimental to any progress I wanted to make. It showed me that I have a real fear of setting and sticking to actual goals involving my writing. So the “tentative” was stripped away and the dates are set. These dates are realistic for me, as I have a good grasp of how fast I can work (participating in Nano has certainly helped), particularly when I’m having fun with my story and have somehow managed to get past the stress and worry that was eating away at my mind whenever I tried to sit down and write.

My schedule will be three novels a year, as well as a short story per month, focusing on fantasy for the year 2014. Yes, that’s a lot compared to what I do now… but when I made the decision to jump in head-first, I meant it. I’m also in the process of securing my DBA (Doing Business As) name for my publishing company, and have already snagged the domain as well. I plan to have my site up and running by the time my first fantasy novel is complete, and announced in January 2014.

Here we go :)


Your feedback is welcome!

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