A New Beginning

Less than an hour ago, I officially resigned from my job as a medical transcriptionist. I carefully crafted my email in a positive way, even though working for that particular company had been a demoralizing experience. Then, I sent it. Just like that. Didn’t allow myself time to chicken out. I keep checking my sent mail folder, just to make sure it’s real. And every time, there it is – “Subject: Letter of Resignation”. Waiting in the inbox of my supervisor. My stomach is still fluttering. It’s a scary thing, taking a plunge like that. I’m honestly scared. But, that email was like my ticket to freedom.

I’m free. Finally. I knew the job was bad for my health and well being, but I hadn’t realized to what extent until an hour ago. The reality hit me that I didn’t have to drag myself out of bed, chain myself to that computer for hours, and type until my fingertips went numb – only to be told that I’m not good enough. It’s still sinking in. Looking around, the room seems brighter. My head stopped aching, I’m not freaking out because I haven’t vacuumed yet, my baby’s hair smells even more delicious than usual… I just feel happy :)

Tomorrow morning, I will get up and send my son off to school, feed my daughter, make a big pot of coffee… and write. And that’s it. How delightful :)

This is Nano month, but I’m skipping it this year. My deadline for finishing up my fantasy novel, “Sovereign of Shadow,” is December 31st, so no new novels for me this month. I’ve already begun tinkering with my book cover, which I’m doing in Power Point. Yes, Power Point! (Thank you, William King!) I’m no good with those PhotoShop-y type programs. My chapters and scenes are scattered over many different files at the moment, so I don’t yet have a current word count. Over the next week I’ll be piecing them together and pulling the plot a little tighter, so I’ll have a better idea of my progress thus far. I’ll be able to post up an excerpt for you guys by the end of the week.

I’ve never felt this good about every aspect of my life all at once. It’s kind of overwhelming, but in good way. A nice change of pace for me.

Don’t wait around for the “right time” to make things happen … Dreams are meant to be chased! You have to make it the right time :)



One thought on “A New Beginning

  1. Amazing :) Cheers for chasing dreams!

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