Mobile Writing

I’m frustrated. I do not regret quitting my job, not for one second. But I did expect that not working a set schedule would cause the progress of my novel to skyrocket. This has not been the case, much to my annoyance. If anything, my progress has slowed down. Though I do have to shift some of the blame to the holidays and my son having a two-week winter break, I can’t really use that excuse to justify my lack of achievement.

It’s like the pressure of only having an hour or two at a time to write instilled in me a sense of urgency. Without that pressure, I’ve become lazy and less motivated.

I’d heard of some people using their tablets or smart phones to write, but I could never understand how they did it. I hate poking and pecking my way letter by letter when I text or email. I wondered how anything ever got done for them.

So, desperate for a way to somehow fit writing back into my days while taking care of a four-month-old and trying to keep up with the house work and my freelancing, I did a little searching for some writing apps. I tried a couple that were really more trouble than it was worth. But even with the better ones I had to type the letters using the tiny little keyboard.

Then, I discovered something awesome. I have an Android phone, and I noticed a little button way down in the corner that brought up a menu for keyboard options. There’s this mode called Swype that lets me slide my finger around to connect the letters to form words. Sounds funny, but it totally opened up a new world for me. I can get words out fast on my phone now. Not nearly as fast as typing on my laptop, but there’s this sort of fun factor to writing a novel on a smart phone. I can now work on a scene periodically throughout the day, even when feeding my little one or making dinner. It’s pretty awesome. In fact, I actually wrote this entire blog post on my phone. This is the first time I’ve done that.

Since I’ve gotten the app and switched the keyboard on my phone, I’ve written a couple thousand words on two different stories. And that’s not counting what I did on my laptop.

Give it a try. :)

And have a Happy New Year!!


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